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When the programme encounters errors, a dialogue box appears to report them:

Finestra messaggio di errore

  • Select the OK button to display each individual message.
  • By activating the Do not report option, all error messages reported by the programme are saved in the Error messages window.
  • Information on the Help button can be found under Contextual Help.

Warnings and error messages

If the program displays error messages

  • Revert to the the help page for the reported error: in the 'Info' and 'Messages' (where the error messages appear), next to the error message, the  symbol will show. By clicking on this symbol, you will be connected directly to the online page corresponding to the error, containing the possible causes and solutions.
  • If the error persists:
    • Update your software to the latest available version, by downloading it at the following page Download.
    • Check Accounting (menu Actions).
    • In Multi-currency Accounting, ensure that Exchange Rate differences have been generated and applied (menu Actions).

Deactivate and Reactivate error messages

To deactivate/reactivate the display of the dialogue of messages:

  • from the Window menu, put or remove the check mark on the Warning messages command.
  • from the Actions menu launch the Check accounting command.
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