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The Banana Accounting files are compatible with the previous versions starting from version 5.12.
This means that the files can be read and written by any version of the program.

We try to preserve compatibility as much as possible, so that files can be exchanged with different versions of the program.

  • Newer versions implement new features that are not available in earlier versions. Using these features leads to incompatibility. When opening the file with an older version of the program, you are warned not to use the file, because there may be errors in calculations and/or data loss.
  • Newer versions offer new applications. These cannot be opened with older versions.

Below we present the list of changes that lead to incompatibilities. If you use these features you should update the program to the new version.

Version 10 (BananaPlus 2020)

  • Using the new Links column.
    The new version introduces the possibility of linking a document in every row of any table, through the menu Data → Links.
    In previous versions, this possibility existed only in the Transactions table. The ability to add links in any table is a feature that is highly requested by users; unfortunately, it was not possible to implement it, maintaining the compatibility of files created with previous versions. If links are used, the files are no longer compatible with previous versions.
    In the new version, when the file is opened, a Link column is added to each table. The data contained in the DocLink column of the Transactions table is copied to the new column, and the DocLink column is deleted.
  • Accounting Applications:
    • Use of the new Segments column.
    • Use of VAT code for the Reverse charge.
    • Use of the Payments column.
    • Use of the BeginFormula column in the Budget table.
  • Timesheet
    • Added Columns "TimeWork", "TimeAbsence".
    • Column Supplement.
  • Applications Invoices and Inventory
    They are not supported in previous versions.

Version 9

  • Accounting applications:
    • Items Table.
    • Quantity columns in the Transactions table.
    • Accounts and VAT codes with lowercase descriptions.
    • New features for the Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups.
    • New features for the PDF Archive command.
    • New Print functionality.
  • Timesheet application
    It is not supported in previous versions.

Version 8

  • Accounting applications:
    • Budget table
    • Documents table
  • Library application
    It is not supported in previous versions.

Version 7

  • Accounting applications:
    • Modification of VAT Base amount in the Transactions table.



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