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When first opening Banana Accounting Plus, the program will show you the Manage subscription dialog window. Even if you close it you can always access it by choosing the Help menu → Manage subscription... command. You have two choices:

  • Register with your email address and use the Professional or Advanced plan
    • If you already have a subscription the software will activate it on this computer
    • If you are a registered Banana user from previous versions, the software will grant you a free subscription period
    • If you received a Product Key after purchasing a subscription you can enter it here and activate your plan
    • If you want to purchase or renew a subscription you can directly access the purchase page from here
  • Choose not to register any email and use the Free plan
    Simply click on the Not now button and the dialog window will close

Register your email and activate your subscription

Follow these steps to register your email and activate a subscription to the Advanced or Professional plan that you have already purchased, or take advantage of the free period as a registered user of Banana Accounting:

  1. Enter you email address
  2. Enter the 6 digits activation code that has been send to you as a confirmation that you own that email address.

Enter your email

Before pressing on the Submit button, please double check that you have entered your email correctly.

Apertura Banana Contabilità Plus

Enter the activation code

After entering your email address, you will be notified that a verification message with a 6-digit activation code has been sent to you.
Please check in your Inbox and copy/paste here your activation code, then press the Submit button.

If you haven't received the email:

  • Check that you entered your email address correctly
    If you have entered the wrong email, you can change it with the Change ... button 
  • Make sure that your email box has updated the email
    Multiple programs only read emails with a frequency of several minutes.
  • Check that the email has not ended up in the spam folder
  • Wait for the email to arrive
    While you are waiting you can click on the Not now button and then, when the email arrives, you can return to the Help menu → Manage subscriptions command, and enter the activation code received.
    Please note that the activation code has a temporary validity. After 1 hour or 3 failed attempts you will need to request a new one.
  • Request another code to be sent
    Click on the If you're still having problems you can request we resend the mail link.
    The code will be a different one and you will have to enter the last one sent and not the first one.

Invio codice attivazione

Registration confirmation

You should now see the dialog window with the confirmation that the subscription you purchased or for which you have received a free period has been activated with your email. You can access to this dialog window anytime with the Help menu → Manage subscription... command, so you can always see the following data:

  • The email you registered with
  • The subscription plan that you are using with its expiration date

You can also execute several operation listed below.

Activation confirmation

Remove your email

With this link you can remove your email address from Banana Accounting Plus, along with any subscription associated with it.

  • You will go back using only the Free plan
  • Use this command if you don't plan on using Banana Accounting Plus on this computer or when you want to associate it with another email.

Update your subscription data

The link Check for an updated subscription will connect to and reload the updated data of your subscription.
Use this link if you have purchased / renewed / changed your subscription, and you still don't see the right expiration date in the program.

Unlock with a Product Key

Use this link if you received a Product Key after your Banana Accounting Plus purchase.
You receive a Product Key when:

Once you enter a Product Key:

  • The subscription period is added to the duration of the existing subscription.
  • Once your Product Key is used, it will be invalidated.
  • You only need the Product Key the first time you activate a subscription. If you need to install Banana Accounting Plus on other devices you own, you will only need your email.

Important: if you do NOT receive a Product Key, it means that in your case it is not necessary and that you can activate the subscription simply with your email.

Purchase or renew a subscription plan

Use this link to go to our online shop and purchase the subscription or renewal of one of the paid plans.
You can purchase the renewal even before your current subscription expires - this will simply be added to the months remaining. For more information, visit the Renewals page.


To activate the subscription it is essential to:

  • Have an internet connection.
  • Make sure that the Banana Accounting+ can connect to the internet.
    If you have a firewall blocking the connection, you will need to temporarily disable it.

Once the subscription is activated, the program no longer needs any internet connection, until the subscription renewal.

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