Activate a subscription with a Product Key

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The Product Key is a code that allows you to activate or extend a Banana Accounting+ subscription.
The Product Key is only provided in some cases of online purchase of in the retail box product. If after the purchase you do not receive a Product Key, it means that you can activate the subscription simply by entering your registered user email.

The Product Key is only used the first time to activate or extend a subscription. If you need to install Banana Accounting+ on your other devices, simply enter your email linked to the subscription.

In order to activate your subscription, proceed as follows:

  1. Download, install and launch the program
  2. Enter and verify your email
  3. Enter the Product Key


2. Enter your email

  • Enter your email in the Manage subscription dialog window that opens upon opening the program (you can always access it from the Help menu Manage subscription....). A verification code is sent to your email address.

    Inserisci il tuo email
  • Enter your verification code in the program, as a confirmation that you own the indicated email address.
    • If you don't receive the confirmation email, please go to the Manage subscription to solve the issue.

Inserisci codice di verifica

  • Your email is now associated with the program. If you don't already have any active subscription you will see that you are working with the Free plan.

Hai associato il tuo email al programma e stai usando il piano Free

3.Activate a subscription with the Product Key

After entering your email you can proceed as follows:

  • Click on the Insert a Product Key to activate a Subscription plan link
  • Insert your Product Key and press Enter

Clicca sul link per inserire il Product key

  • You now see the updated data regarding your subscription and its expiration date.

Vedi il tuo nuovo abbonamento con la data di scadenza

You can now work with Banana Accounting+ without limitations. We recommend visiting the How to start with Banana Accounting Plus page for some useful tips.
For more information also see the explanations for the Manage subscription page.

Extend or renew a subscription with a Product Key

You can also use a Product Key to extend an existing subscription.

  1. Open the Help menu Manage subscription...
  2. If you already entered your email you will see the data of your existing subscription, if not you need to enter it (see instructions above)
  3. Click on the Insert a Product Key to extend or renew a Subscription plan and enter your Product Key

Clicca sul link per rinnovare o estendere il tuo abbonamento

  • The months related to the new Product Key will be added to the months of your current subscription.
  • You will see the updated data for your subscription plan and the new expiration date.

Vedi il rinnovo dell'abbonamento e la nuova data di scadenza

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