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Do you need to renew your Banana Accounting Plus subscription? Did you use a free period and now wish to subscribe? You are in the right place!

Users from Switzerland or Liechtenstein

Login into your user account, Subscriptions section, and click on the Renew button. The renewal adds 12 months to your current subscription; you can also renew it before the expiry date, continuing with the same plan or choosing a different one.

New VAT rates 2024

On 01.01.2024 the VAT rates in Switzerland will change. If you manage VAT in Switzerland, renew by switching to the Advanced plan. The new Banana extension for the 2024 VAT Report for Switzerland is available for all Banana Plus users until June 30th 2024. From July 1st 2024, it will only be available with the Advanced plan. 

For international users

Our international shop is managed by our partner Share-it. A month before expiry, Share-it will send you an email reminder about the renewal:

If at the time of renewal you want to change your subscription plan, please contact our customer service.
If you have been using a promotional free period, and now want to continue by purchasing a subscription, please go to the purchase page.

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