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If you purchased Banana Accounting Plus from our international shop, you have two user accounts:

  • The user account from My Commerce, our partner that manages the international shop. It contains all billing data and payment method. After purchase you receive a Product Key.
  • The Banana user account: it contains the subscription data and is activated with the product key.

Normally you do not need to log into your Banana user account, but it can be helpful when the email with which you use the programme is not the same as the one paying the invoice.

Purchases from My Commerce (Digital River)

With the purchase you also automatically a MyCommerce user account. Your data are then imported into our Swiss database, where you activate your Product Key that allows you to use the program.

  • From your My Commerce user account you can edit the data that will affect the renewal and future billing of your subscription: you can change the email, password and addresses associated to your account.
    Login to your MyCommerce account

For any other need please contact our customer service.
My Commerce is a Digital River company.

Order overview

From your MyCommerce user account, Order overview menu you can see all your past orders.

Order overview

If you click on the order number you can access all the details. 

Account information

From your it MyCommerce user account, top menu, select your user name.

User account

You can view and edit all your personal data:

  • email and password
  • payment data
  • shipping and delivery address

Renew your subscription

Each purchased subscription has by default an automatic renewal. About a month prior your expiration date, MyCommerce will send you a renewal reminder. Make sure the email is not in your Spam folder. Please also note:

  • Your subscription will renew with the same payment method used for the original order
  • If your payment method is credit card, check if it is still valid
  • If your payment method is Pay Pal, make sure there are enough funds
  • If your payment method is wire transfer act in time to allow a few days for the deposit to arrive

Upon expiration date MyCommerce will process the renewal and, once they receive the payment, they will send you a new Product Key, that you need to activate.

Cancel your subscription

From your MyCommerce user account, Order detail page, you can also cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, by clicking on the Cancel subscription button. The subscription remains active until the indicated expiration date.

If for any reason you cannot access your MyCommerce user account you can also cancel your automatic renewal with a simple email to our Customer service. The notice has to arrive from the same email address registered on MyCommerce. Make sure to send us your cancellation request at least a few days before the expiration/renewal date.


MyCommerce always sends subscription expiry notices by email as well as requests to update credit card data (if no longer valid). It is not possible to deactivate these notifications.

All active subscriptions also receive our information newsletters by default. To disable this reception you can request this by emailing our customer service.

Upgrade from the Professional plan to the Advanced plan

Upgrading from the Professional plan to the Advanced plan is always possible. You are asked to purchase the Advanced plan but are given a discount equal to what you have not yet taken advantage of from the Professional plan. To switch to the Advanced plan send an e-mail request to our customer service.

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