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From June 2021, all online purchases from Switzerland automatically originate a Banana user account.
You can access your license information, invoices, see and edit profile data perform other operations.

If you purchased from other countries please visit the User account international page.

Access your user account

In your browser enter

Login into your account

If you haven't setup a password during your checkout process, you will be asked to do so the first time you access your user account.

setup password


From the dashboard of your user account you can see an overview of all your data.

User account dashboard


From the left side menu you can see your Subscriptions and manage them.

Manage your subscriptions

You can perform the following operations:

  • Renew your subscription directly from here
  • Upgrade to Advanced Plan - your price will be automatically calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on your remaining period*
  • Disable the auto-renewal - This is equivalent to giving notice to cancel your subscription.

*for purchased made outside Switzerland you need to contact our customer service.

Orders and invoices

From the left side menu choose Invoices.

See your order history and invoices

You can see all your past orders, the amounts you paid, and the status of each invoice. If you need to download or print your invoices proceed as follows:

  • Click on the View invoice button
  • Click on the Resend the invoice to your email button; it will be sent in PDF format.

If your invoice is still open, you can pay it directly from here:

  • Click on the Pay now button

Payment method

From the left side menu choose Payment method.

Update your payment methodYou can see what your last payment method was and change it if you want, for the next payment.
There are different possible payment methods:

  • Immediate payment and, on the next due date, automatic charge.
    • Credit Card - does not save sensitive credit card data (they are kept by our payment provider, PostFinance).
      You will be asked to enter your credit card data:
      • The first time you make the payment or you have set the credit card as the payment method.
      • If the credit card has expired or is no longer valid.
  • Immediate payment and, on the next due date, a new payment will be necessary
    • PostFinance card
    • TWINT
  • Manual payment and, on the next due date, a new manual payment will be necessary
    • Bank transfer - Payment within 10 days from the invoice date.

If you remove the existing payment method with the Remove button, you can select a different one.

Automatic subscription renewal can always be disabled from the Subscriptions page.

Change password

From the left side menu choose Change password.

Change password

You can change your user account password anytime.

Change email address

The email connected to your Banana Accounting Plus subscription is very important, as you need to enter it in the program to activate it. If you need to connect your subscription to a different email address proceed as follows:

  • from your user account, choose the page Change email address from the left menu (image below)  and change the email address
  • From the Banana Accounting Plus program enter and verify the new email.

This procedure is useful, for example, to associations that change their treasurer. Likewise, they can change their mailing address.

Change email

You can see your current registered email address, but you can edit it and update the page with a new one. Press the Change email button to save your changes.

Change address

Your location address is where our invoices are sent and addressed to. If you need to update it you can easily do it from your user account.
From the left side menu choose Change address.

Change your address

You can see your current registered address, but you can edit it and update the page with a new one. Press the Change address button to save your changes.

Change language

It is the language in which your invoices are processed, your reminder emails and newsletters are sent.

Change language

You can see the language currently used for your user account, and you can easily change it from here. Click on the Change language button to save your changes. The change affects all future documents; documents that have already been processed will not be changed.


From this section you can manage the users connected to your subscription. Usually there is only one user for each subscription, but you can always purchase more.

Manage users

In order to add users to your list, click on the Buy more button.
For more information please visit the multi-user page.


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