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In Banana Accounting Plus this feature is only available with the Advanced plan.

The developer Menu can be made visible with the command:

Development options

Contains useful options for developers of scripts, apps or http pages for Banana Accounting.

Enable Screenshots (Ctrl + 3)

When the function is activated, with the combination of the keys Ctrl + 3 you can take screenshots and save the images of the tables and dialog boxes of the program.
Also refer to Enable sreenshots.

Show Debug output window

When activated 'Debug output' is displayed in the lower part of the main program window. All debugging messages will be displayed in this panel. The debug messages allow to verify the correct functioning during the execution of scripts, apps or calls to the web server. They are aimed at developers of scripts, apps or http sheets.

For more information see the Debugging page.

System info

This section displays information about the operating system and working environment.Information can be requested from technical support.In this case, click on the Copy to clipboard button and paste the data in the e-mail message or in the contact form.

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