The Advanced plan, an extra gear!

The Advanced plan includes all the benefits of the Free and Professional plans, plus exclusive features and extensions.
Greater speed, automation, customization and more control. Personalized technical support.

It's the preferred plan by frequent users, accountants, fiduciaries and IT experts.
CHF 149.-/year or Eur 129 + local taxes

The benefits of the Advanced plan

Discover the exclusive features and extensions unique to the Advanced plan that speed up your work allowing you more free time.

Rules for the automatic completion of imported transactions

The functionality everyone has been waiting for: automating the completion of imported transactions. Change the way you do accounting and drastically reduce time and mistakes.

  • Complete entries in seconds without mistakes and oversights
  • Retain full control through the preview of the Apply rules command
  • Delegate data entry work with more security and simplicity

New Filter and Temporary Sort rows

Innovative tools to check and edit already entered data in record time: the Filter and the Temporary Sort rows features!

Filter and sort rows in a table without permanently changing their order:

  • Instantly find what you are looking for
  • Check or edit data
  • Remove the temporary Filter or Sort.

Table rows return to their original order.

Reminders and delivery notes

In the Print invoice dialogue you can now choose the type of document to be printed (Print As), both for integrated invoicing and for the Offers and Invoices applications:

  • Create delivery note with or without amounts
  • Create estimate
  • Create invoice or pro-forma invoice
  • Print first, second or third reminder

From print preview you can save everything in PDF format.

New Swiss VAT form 2024

On 1 January 2024, VAT rates in Switzerland changed.

The Advanced Plan includes the new VAT Form 2024, which allows you to:

  • Obtain the facsimile of the form to send to the FTA (German, French or Italian)
  • Obtain the Xml file to upload directly to the FTA website.

To allow all users a gradual transition to the new rates, the VAT Form 2024 is made available in all Banana Accounting Plus plans until 30.06.2024. From 1 July 2024, it will only be available with the Advanced plan.

More information

Export to PDF with all attachments

Did you know that a regular PDF file can contain attachments? 
When exporting your data to PDF, you can now also include the digital attachments you have entered into your accounting file.

Gain a competitive edge by swiftly sending clients or auditors a comprehensive PDF dossier. This single file encompasses all accounting documentation, streamlining access to relevant records and documents.

Increased operability and and efficiency

Unique Advanced plan features increase the speed and efficiency of your work:

  • Rename → accounts, categories, items, VAT codes, and file links. With this handy function you can change all the recurrences in the file in an instant.
  • Merge files → gather the accounting files of subsidiaries or branches into main HQ file.
  • Markdown syntax → use Markdown syntax for your attached files.
  • Webserver → Retrieve the Banana Accounting data in other software.
  • Development Menu → use useful options specific to developers of scripts, extensions, etc.

Printing Graphs

In Banana's information window you can view charts by account or group. With the Advanced plan you can now make the most of them:

  • Print the chart or save it as an image
  • Copy the chart
  • Copy the data that generated it

The Advanced plan Extensions

The Extensions are additional programs that extend the functionalities of Banana Accounting Plus.
Some of them have been designed exclusively for the Advanced plan.


Advanced invoice settings

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus allows additional customization possibilities compared to the Free and Professional plans:

  • Customization via the settings dialog
    • Choose the elements to include in the printout and where to show them
    • Define the invoice columns (quantities, prices, only total amounts or columns that you have added in the Transactions table)
    • Change the default texts, the font and the printout colors.
  • Customization using Javascript
    • Create print functions that replace the default ones, for printing the header, addresses, details, final texts and footers.
  • Customization using CSS
    • Create customized styles to change the invoice appearance (text format, elements positioning, etc.)
  • Creating your own custom layout
    • Requires programming in Javascript and CSS.
    • You can use an existing layout and modify it as you wish.

Printing PDF invoices in separate files

You can now print several invoices at the same time:

  • Define how you name the invoices
  • Get each invoice in a separate PDF file



Exclusive features in your estimates and invoices

Make your offers and invoices more understandable and direct with the Advanced plan:

  • Add Product images and descriptions in the Items table so you can include them in your estimates and invoices.
  • Enter a discount for each item (both as a percentage or a fixed amount)
  • Enter a date for each item or service (for example dates for a service)
  • Include customized fields in your invoices

Images can be entered both in the Offers and Invoices application and in the invoice management integrated into the accounting file.

Batch printing of invoices with data in Excel

Brand new option to make work even easier for our users accustomed to Excel. Exclusive for the Advanced plan.
Quickly print bulk invoices with Swiss QR-Codes from a data list in Excel. Ideal for sending bulk invoices to customers or members of an association.

Cash forecasting with formulas

With the Advanced plan, when setting up your budget, it is now also possible to enter formulas in Javascript code. The input of formulas has been made easier with an additional column.

You can for example enter a product price based on a sales percentage, or you can increase your sales budget based on a growth percentage, or you can calculate your amortization costs based on your investments.  More info...


Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis

The Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis extension is exclusive to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus: thanks to it you can obtain advanced financial reports and charts for your double-entry accounting, including the cash flow statement, standard financial ratios, Dupont analysis and Altman index. You can compare historical data over several years and confront forecast data with the current year.

Securities Portfolio Management

Thanks to the Securities Portfolio Management Extension, exclusive to the Advanced plan, you can now manage both your double-entry accounting and securities in the same file and immediately get the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Report of your Portfolio.

In the new Items table you can include all your securities and other financial assets. In the Transactions table you can specify the type of security you bought or sold by entering the quantity and unit price.

Instantly get the report of the situation with quantities and purchase prices, earnings and other key data.

Constructions and Renovations management

All construction works involve a great commitment and going beyond the budget is unfortunately common. With the new Construction and Renovation Management Extension, exclusive to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus, it becomes much easier to keep costs under control, to manage the different companies involved, track their payments and compare them with estimates.

It very simple to create cost projections and budgets to submit to the bank.

It is also ideal for architects who help their clients with cost management: they can create a separate file for each client and get an overview of the progress of the work.

Personalized technical support

Advanced plan users, in addition to the contextual help and online documentation, available online 24/7, have access also to personalized technical support hotline via phone or email through an exclusive form.

Upcoming new features

Get a preview of the upcoming developments of the Advanced plan, already available for test in the Dev Channel version
We are always growing and developing the most requested features by our users:

Payment orders

With the online payment functionality of Banana Accounting Plus, you can easily and quickly create payment orders in pain.001 format

  • Create payment orders with all information
  • Send orders to financial institutions
  • Compatible with Swiss payment standards

Automatic transactions

Record repetitive transactions in the Recurring Transactions table,
set their start date, end date and frequency.
The programme alerts you when there are automatic transactions ready 
and creates them for you!

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