Extensions for Swiss VAT 2024

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Banana Accounting Plus provides the extensions to obtain the 2024 VAT Report (paper facsimile or Xml file) for both the effective method and the flat tax rate method.

The new Banana Accounting Plus extensions for VAT 2024 only work with the Advanced plan

The documentation in English is only partial: the full documentation is available in German, French or Italian. 

We provide two distinct extensions to obtain both the paper facsimile or the Xml file:

The new VAT Report, paper facsimile, in Banana Accounting Plus, Advanced plan, allows you to declare the amounts with the 2018 rates and those from 2024.

For users of Banana Accounting 9 or earlier versions
If you have Banana Accounting 9 or earlier, in order to be able to prepare the paper facsimile of the VAT Return or have the Xml file for the electronic submission of data to the FTA, you need to upgrade to the new version of Banana Accounting Plus, Advanced plan.
If you do not wish to switch to the new version, you can still manage VAT; from Banana Accounting you can obtain the VAT Summary and enter the data manually on the paper form or on the FTA website.
More information can be found on the page Update Programme and Plan.

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