Updating the VAT Codes table with the VAT rates 2024

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In order to update the VAT Codes table of your accounting file, proceed as follows:

  • Make a backup copy of your file to be safe
  • Open your accounting file
  • Select from the menu Actions > Import to accounting > Import VAT codes
  • Select Switzerland New VAT Rates 2024
  • Confirm by clicking on the OK button
  • Import VAT Codes

  • From the dialog that appears there are two options:
    • Add new codes and new groups
      To be used when you want to maintain your VAT codes. In this case the program adds the new VAT codes leaving the existing ones unchanged. If the VAT codes to be added already exist in the table, but have a different rate or grouping, they will be inserted by adding '-1' to the name.
    • Replace all rows (recommended choice)
      Use this command if you don't need to maintain the existing VAT code page.
      In this case, the VAT code table is completely replaced with the new table.
      Existing VAT accounts are retained and need to be reviewed after the update. The default VAT account can be changed via the File Properties dialog (basic data).

      Import VAT Codes

  • Check the accounting
    From menu Actions> Check accouting.
    If there are incorrect VAT codes in the transactions table, you need to update them according to the new VAT Code Table.
    To replace the old VAT codes in the Transactions table, you can use the command from the menu Data > Search and replace.
    If the VAT codes have also been entered in the Accounts table, to associate the VAT codes to the accounts, these must be updated.

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