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The entries in the Income / Expense application, as in all Banana Accounting applications, are inserted in the Transactions table. If you want to print the Journal (list of all transactions), you can proceed in two different ways:

  • From the Transactions table:
    • select from the  File menu → Page Setup (in order to set up all the print options)
    • return to the File menu → Print.
  • From the menu Reports → Journal by period.

Journal per period

Banana Accounting, via the menu Reports → Journal by period, offers the possibility to print the Journal with the movements of the entire period or of the period selected by entering the start and end date of the period.

Income / Expense period journal

The information on the Period section is identical to that of the Period section of the common functions.

journal period sorting Income / Expense column

In the Column for sorting section, you can choose the base on which type of date to sort and print the journal.

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