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Some extensions allow you to set parameters that are used by the extension.

  • The parameters can be set and changed with the dialog.
  • At startup, the parameters are set with default values.
  • The parameters are related to the accounting file..
  • An extension package can contain multiple extensions and therefore there may be multiple parameters per package.

Extensions Setup Dialogue

The content of the dialogue is different for each extension.The UNI10 invoice layout is shown below.

estensioni parametri d'impostazione

Value insertion area

The settings dialog is structured as elements that contain sub-elements, each with:

  • Property column.
    • This is the name of the property.
  • Value column.
    • It's the value of the property, Value column. By clicking you can enter a value, change a predefined one or delete an existing one.


At the end of the dialogue there are the following buttons:

  • Help.
    • The help button takes you to the documentation page of the extension you are using.
  • Restore defaults..
    • By clicking on this button all the default values of the Value column are restored.
  • Cancel.
    • Cancel and close the dialog without any changes being made.
  • Ok.
    • Confirm and save the entered parameters.If you have saved it by mistake, you can go back to the previous situation with the cancel operation command.


Access the settings dialog

You can access the settings dial in the following ways:



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