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Scheduling transactions are entered like normal entries, with the date, description, amount, debit and credit account.

In addition, the Repeat column is used, which allows recurring transactions to be entered on a single line.

Below are several examples, taken from the template below, to which we refer for further explanation.

Start-up forecast registrations

These are forecast entries as those registered in the Transactions table.

The example shown here refers to the start of the activity, so it concerns transactions that are not repeated.

Start activity budget

Monthly repetitive entries

Below are examples of entries with monthly repetition, code 'M'. The column Total shows the total amount for the year.

The first two entries refer to the rent, which from February to June is 1'000 monthly, while from July it is 1'200.

The date 2024, when the lease redemption amount must be paid, is also indicated. In this line, in the column Total, there is no amount, because the movement does not fall within the dates of the accounting period defined in the file properties.

The repetition code "ME" Month End is used for administrative expenses counted by the bank. For subsequent entries the day 28 is not used, but the last day of the month, thus March 31, April 30.

February budget forecast 


Here we indicate some typical entries that repeat at the quarter end. We enter the 3ME repetition, which means repeat every 3 months, with end of month date.

Quarterly budget forecast

End of Year

At the end of the year there are operations which are carried out. Use Repeat 'Y' so that these operations are also performed for subsequent years.

End of year budget forecast

Forecast of income and purchase of goods

The income forecast is specific to each activity. In this case, the income and purchase forecast is shown month by month, with a specific amount.

Starting in March, the annual 'Y' repetition is indicated, so that these transactions are repeated in subsequent years.

Yearly income and purchase forecast

Purchases and next year sales

The months of January and February, in the first year, were not considered significant for the following years, so they did not have a repeat.
For the first two months of the second year, we have to set sales. We also set the annual 'Y' repetition, so that we can repeat the income in the following year.

Purchases and next year sales

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