Multi-currency accounting

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Multi-currency accounting is based on the double-entry accounting method, allowing for management of accounts and transactions in foreign currencies.

Many topics of the multi-currency accounting are the same as for the double-entry accounting. In order to find missing lessons or in-depth information, we advise you to consult the following pages:


Chart of accounts, file properties and exchange rates table
We recommend to select one of the already configured examples and to personalize it according to your requirements. Please note that the Chart of Accounts must include accounts in foreign currencies as well as an account for profit and loss from foreign exchange.

Accounting transactions must be entered in the same way as the double-entry accounting transactions


Convert double-entry accounting into multi-currency accounting

If, during the year, you need to convert your double-entry accounting file into a multi-currency accounting you can do that easily. In order to add multi-currency features to a double-entry accounting file, please visit the Convert to new file page.


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