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    Invoices to members for annual membership fees

    Double-Entry Accounting

    With Banana Accounting, besides managing the accounting of the association, printing the balance sheet and other reports you need, you can prepare and print invoices to the members for the payment of the social fees. With the template that we provide you with, it only takes a few steps to easily and quickly print the invoices.

    Open in Banana WebApp

    Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

    Open template in WebApp

    Template documentation

    Initial settings

    To get started quickly, we recommend that you download the template presented at the top of this page, or take it directly from the program, as follows:

    • From the File menu > New
    • Choose Region
    • Choose as accounting Type, double-entry accounting
    •  Select the Template Association - invoices
    • Save the file with a name

    Enter the association's basic data

    In the File menu > File properties > Accounting, enter your association's data, start and end date, and base currency.

    In the Address section fill in the required data. This data is essential for the invoice headers.

    Addresses tab

    Insert logo and define position of invoice headers

    To insert the association logo and define the position of the various headers in the invoice go to File menu > Logo setup.

    For further details visit the Logo setup page.

    logo and headers setup

    Enter Members' Data

    In the Accounts table, at the end of the chart of accounts enter all members of the association using cost centre CC3, the one with the semicolon.

    In the Address view fill in the various columns with the members' data. For each member you can define the invoice language in the Language column.

    If you have chosen a different template that does not have the Address view, you can activate it from the Tools menu > Add/Remove new functionalities > Add Address columns in Accounts table and fill in the various columns with the required data.

    members list with Cost Center 3

    Set Members' Group

    Once the list of members with the totalisation group has been created, it is necessary to indicate the group in the invoice settings:

    From the Reports menu > Customers > Settings, select the members' totalisation group. In our tutorial, TM (Total members) is indicated.

    Setup of the members group

    Prepare and print invoices to members

    Enter the invoice data in the Transactions table. Simply enter the following data:

    • Date
    • Description
    • Invoice number (essential for printing the invoice)
    • The amount of the membership fee
    • In column CC3 enter the cost centre relating to the member you defined at the end of the chart of accounts, but without the semicolon.
    • The Debit and Credit columns remain empty.

    Transactions of invoices to members

    You are now ready to print invoices. Proceed as follows:

    • From the Reports menu > Customers > Print invoices, access the dialogue where you can indicate the invoice(s) to be printed, choose the layout and change settings for customisation.

    Print invoices dialogue

    In the Options section you can enter notes for the member and choose the language

    Notes for invoices to members



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