Accounts with addresses

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New settings and documentation

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version, in the Accounts table, new columns have been added in order to allow you to enter more information about your customers and, new features automatically resume the data in the Invoicing. Moreover, you will find a new and in-depth documentation to work in a very professional way:

We advise you to immediately switch to Banana Accounting Plus and take advantage of the many new features.

In order to manage addresses, it is possible to add some specific columns in the accounting plan:

choose the Add new functionalities command from the Tools menu.

This command will add, in the Accounts table:

  • several columns (first name, last name, company, ...) that allow you to enter the addresses data
  • the Address view where all the new columns are shown (to edit the view or the columns display, visit the Columns and views page).


Clients and suppliers register
When you have a Clients/Suppliers register in the Chart of Accounts (specific accounts for each client/supplier), and when it is needed to have complete data with the address, telephone number, email address, VAT/Sales tax number, etc., you can set up and visualize these data by activating the Address view.