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Account card for groups and classes

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version, it is possibile to have the account card of a group, subgroup or class. The visualization of the recorded amounts allows you to have greater control in case of error.

We advise you to immediately switch to Banana Accounting Plus and take advantage of the many new features.

In order to set up a chart of accounts, create the principal groups; for every group a Gr, to which the group belongs, has to be indicated:

  • D1 groups the accounts of the Balance sheet
  • 2301 indicates the profit or loss of the current year
  • D2 groups the accounts of the Profit & Loss statement

  • Add new, blank rows
  • Complete the process by inserting the account numbers, the description, the BClass and the Gr to which the accounts belong. The BClass is mandatory and should be as follows: 1 for Assets, 2 for Liabilities, 3 for Expenses, 4 for Income.
  • In the first Section column, once you enter the balance sheet and profit and loss statement headings, you need to enter the following numbers:

The accounts from 1000 to 1360 have Gr 1, equal to Group 1 which adds up the Total assets
The accounts from 2000 to 2300 have Gr 2, equal to Group 2 which adds up the Total liabilities
The Total assets and Total liabilities have D1 as Gr, equal to Group D1 where they are added up, obtaining the balance of the Balance sheet.

The procedure for the Profit & Loss statement continues in the same way:

The accounts from 3000 to 3340 have Gr 3, equal to Group 3 which adds up the Total expenses
The accounts from 4000 to 4200 have Gr 4, equal to Group 4 which adds up the Total income
The Total expenses and the Total income have D2 as Gr, equal to Group D2 where they are added up (Profit/Loss from Profit & Loss Statement).
The Profit/Loss from the Profit & Loss Statement has 2301 as Gr, and is added up in the 2301 group in the liabilities.


In order to complete the Chart of accounts, the Section column also needs to be setup.


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