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Thanks to the segments, additional entities to which the amounts of the recordings are attributed to, may be created.
When you register, you enter in addition to the account to be debited or credited the code for the segment, for example (1000-10-100-200).
The segments are used for accounting reports broken down by Department, Project, Branch.

Configuration of the segments

The segments have to be configured in the Accounts table, at the end of the chart of accounts, indicating in the column account

  • Segment are accounts preceded by a colon ":".
  • There may be up to 10 levels of segments.
  • The number of colons preceding the symbol for the segment indicates the number of level.
    • :10 segment of level 1
    • ::10 segment of level 2
    • :::10 segment of level 3
  • The different levels of the segment are independent of each other.
  • The segments do not have classes and do not have currency.
  • The calculations for segments are done in basic currency.

For the configuration, proceed as follows:

  • Insert the title "Segments" in the Description column to define the section relative to the segments
  • Insert an asterisk in the Section column
  • Insert the description of the first-level segments, and in the Account column, insert ":"
  • List the segments of the first level, entering an identification code for each one of them in the Account column, preceded by ":"
  • Proceed by entering the segments of the second level (and, if necessary, those of the third), in the same way as those of the first level, with the only difference that the segment codes need to be preceded by "::" or by ":::", depending on their level


The segments are being entered in the Transactions table, followed by the main account from the account segment.

Each segment is preceded by the colon, or by the minus sign (-), in case the option Use the minus sign (-) as segments separator has been activated in the File and Accounting properties (File menu).

The use of the colon “:” in the segments is advised when there are account codes with a minus sign in the Chart of Accounts.

When a segment that belongs to more than one level, the segment of the first level needs to be entered right after the main account; then, continue with the code of the second level.


Reports of the segments are obtained with the commands Enhanced balance sheet with groups or Accounting report.
These commands have a section Subdivision within which it is possible to indicate to create the columns for the segments, selecting the segments to be obtained.


Segments by project

Segments by branch


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