Clients/Suppliers register

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Clients/Suppliers register

The Clients/Suppliers registers can be set up in two different ways:

Accounts with addresses

It is possible to Add columns with addresses in the Accounts table, so for each account can be entered the address personal data.

Clients/Suppliers registers with accounts in the Balance sheet

This solution is the most used one and it is absolutely necessary if you need to register the issued invoices or receipts with an accounting on the sales volume.


Clients management

  • The clients account are normal accounts in the accounting plan
  • In order to avoid having in the accounting plan all the clients list, we just create the Total Clients Register group (group 10 in the example)
  • The clients account are placed at the bottom of the accounting plan
  • At the bottom of the accounting plan a new row is created with the 01 Section and a Clients Register description
  • A new account is created for each client
  • A total clients group is created at the end of the clients list (for example with the group symbol TCR)
  • All clients account must have 1 (Assets) as Bclass and TCR as group
  • As clients account numbers you can use either numbers or letters
  • The TCR group must have a 10 as group, so its amount will be carried to the top of the accounting plan

In this way, when printing the Balance sheet you won't have to print all the clients list but only the Total Clients Register.


Suppliers management
The suppliers managements works exactly as the clients management but with the difference that the Total Suppliers Register must be created in the Liabilities and that the suppliers account must have 2 as Bclass.


Example images for clients/suppliers register with accounts

The Total Clients Register group is created in the Assets.

The Total Suppliers Register group is created in the Liabilities.

The list of clients accounts and suppliers accounts is created at the bottom of the accounting plan. The Gr of the clients and suppliers register needs to be the same as the Group number set up in the Assets and the Liabilities (in the example 10 for the Assets and 20 for the Liabilities).


When client or supplier transactions are entered in the Transactions table, the client or supplier account needs to be indicated.


Clients/Suppliers registers as Cost centers

The client/supplier registers can also be set up using the Cost centers (please also visit the Cost and Profit centers page)

  • we suggest to use the CC3 Cost center (where their symbol is preceded by a ";")
  • clients and suppliers balances won't be shown in the Balance sheet

Cost center accounts for clients and suppliers are being created by using the CC3 cost center:

When entering transactions:

  • make the CC3 columns visible by using the Columns setup command from the Data menu
  • enter the cost center code in the CC3 column
  • in order to enter the credit account, use a minus sign (-cost center code)
  • if you have VAT management, in the File properties - VAT tab, you need to indicate that the CC3 cost center must Use amount inclusive VAT/Sales tax