What's new in Banana Accounting+ compared to version 8

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Banana Accounting Plus is our latest version

The new version is fully compatible in reading and writing with version 8 files. Files modified with Banana Accounting Plus can always be reopened with your version 8.

Instant and easy transition

Switching to the new version is really simple: open the program and find your Recent and Favorite files on the new Start page.
Work immediately as before and better than before. The way of use, commands and file format remain the same.

Main new features for Banana Accounting Plus:

Interface and ever more functional way of use

Several innovations to significantly improve your workflow.

More and immediate direct menus

The menus and commands have been reorganized in a more logical and functional way: the Report menu includes all the output and printing commands, while the Actions menu groups the main operational functions.

The Appearance command (from the Window menu) has been added, from which you can now decide whether to display the Develop menu and the light/dark mode of the program.

There are new keyboard shortcuts, to work quickly without having to go through the menus: move row down and up, duplicate row.

Improved synchronization and saving of files to Dropbox and other cloud systems.

More immediate menus

Optimized for the latest operating systems

Operating systems are evolving faster and faster. Banana Accounting Plus offers greater compatibility:

  • Light and dark screen modes
  • Better graphics for high-resolution screens
  • Optimized for Mac Big Sur (Monterey), works with new Apple M1 processors with Rosetta
  • More up-to-date Linux libraries
  • Android and iOS mobile: most desktop features available

Mobile version - access your data anywhere

With the mobile version of Banana Accounting Plus for Android and iOS, you can quickly enter the transactions and control your accounting at any time. It is very convenient if you are already keeping your accounting with the desktop version and want to update your data wherever you are.
It's also ideal for students who don't have a computer, but can still learn double-entry accounting and practice via their smartphone.

Improvements to accounting applications

Big steps increase accounting performance.

Improved customer / supplier management and customized invoices

In the Customer Management it is possible to create and print invoices. Invoices are entered as registrations and printed immediately, choosing the layout you like best, even with a QR code. You can also print reminders based on overdue invoices.

New multi-currency management

In Multi-currency accounting there are several improvements, including the ability to enter exchange rate differences on a specific date.

New VAT Report for Switzerland

Tax reporting has never been easier. In the new version you get the VAT Report in an instant, updated with the latest rates. Now you can also have the VAT Report with file creation for the electronic transmission of VAT data to the FTA.

New invoice layouts, also with QR

Do you already manage invoices in your accounting file? Our new generation of invoice layouts gives you many more customization options than before: better define margins, indicate where you want to put the customer address or logo, etc.

With the new CH10 invoice layout for Switzerland you can add the QR code or just indicate your bank details. The UNI11 invoice layout serves all international users. In no time you have your invoices ready in PDF!

Some advanced customization features are available only in the Advanced plan.

Invoices also with QR code

Work faster

Thanks to several refinements and innovations you can work faster, be more organized and efficient.

Preset templates for any requirement

Create your new file starting from the catalog of more than 1000 available online templates. 

Save time with the Balance column

Thanks to the new Balance column (Check Balance) in the Transactions table, you can instantly see if and where there are accounting differences. An incredible help when you have to close the accounting or create the VAT statement. On its own, this innovation has been met with great enthusiasm and those who try it never go back!

"It's fantastic! Thanks to the new Balance column, I can see how there is an error. If I correct it, I can see the next error right away. The nice side effect, besides a more rational work, is that I now need a third of the time for checking. And that's really the point: less time - less cost - happy customers."  - Mr. Eberle

New balance column in the Transactions table

Digital attachments - never look for a document again

Entering digital documents has become even more functional:

  • Smart entries - If you start typing any part of the file name to be attached, the program shows you only the documents that contain the text you typed and only those that have not yet been attached. Very fast!
  • Rename documents - If you need to rename a digital document, now you can do it directly from Banana: the original file in Explorer is also automatically renamed.
  • Links in all tables - the Link column is available in all tables

Your work becomes faster, your documents are always just a click away. Paper documents are no longer necessary.

Link to digital document

Better import options

New import possibilities speed up the work of retrieving transactions.

Reading .ZIP files

If your bank or credit card provides you with the data of your transactions in a  .zip format, now you can import this file directly into Banana Accounting Plus.

Importing multiple files

Some banks provide transactions data month by month. Banana Accounting Plus supports the new ISO 20022: you can now import several transaction files at the same time, for the same account. The time you save is remarkable!

New and improved applications

We have created new applications and further developed existing ones to offer you more and more with a single program.

Estimates and Invoices management

Designed for those who want to manage Estimates and Invoices separately from the accounting file. Used a lot by those who have VAT on the cash method and in particular by those who have the flat tax rate, because they can issue invoices with VAT at 7.7% while in the accounting file they register with the rate granted by the VAT authority.

It is possible to create offers, duplicate them to create different options and then convert the approved one into an invoice.

Invoices are customizable, even with a QR code or just the indication of bank data (IBAN, SWIFT, ...).
You can include notes or texts at the bottom of the page and include various other information that will help you track payments in an instant. If you have customers who speak foreign languages, you can create an invoice for each customer in their own language.

Estimates and Invoices management

Inventory Management

New and effective way to quickly and easily manage your inventory or warehouse with items of any kind.  Record entries, exits and movements of goods from one location to another, also with a link to the Projects table.See immediately how many items you have in stock, their value, the always updated balances of the items. For each item you have the complete card with all the movements. You can also obtain the detail of the items for each location.

Inventory management

Time sheet with Project management

With the Timesheet you can manage your hours of work, vacation and sickness in a simple and fast way and get the end-of-month report with a click.
You can also use it as a personal agenda in which to allocate the time spent on each project or client.e. 

It works like Excel, but is optimized for time calculations. It is therefore much more reliable and you can easily manage working hours of all kinds. You have a complete view of the hours and you can always correct.


Fixed assets register

With the Fixed Assets Register, you can easily keep track all your depreciable assets. The calculations are automated and by defining the percentage and type of depreciation, at the end of the year the depreciation entries are performed automatically, just import them into the accounting file. In the journal you will see all the events over time, you can quickly search for an item, you can correct and have all the reports you need.

Fixed assets register

360º control and security

With Banana Accounting Plus you have total control over your data
and if you need help you benefit from excellent support tools.

Ever more secure data

Data saving has been enhanced to ensure even more security and prevent accidental loss. The program creates a local copy of the accounting data, so that if work or the network connection is interrupted files are automatically saved.

Even with the subscription, the privacy of the data is guaranteed. Banana Accounting Plus continues to be a NON Cloud software, therefore the data is always safe on your computer: you decide with whom to share it.

Personalized technical support

Banana Accounting Plus gives you the help you need and when you need it:

  • Functional contextual help - in the program you find immediate help buttons related exactly to the context you are working on. New online page containg all Error messages.
  • Enhanced online resources - online documentation always available, updated and expanded. New video tutorials.
  • Personalized technical support - for our Advanced plan users we have implemented a dedicated helpline.

Efficient support

Subscription mode

Operating systems, applications, payment methods are constantly updated.
In order to continue offering you the highest quality, we had to opt for a subscription solution.

For users from Switzerland → upgrade to the Professional plan for only 69.- CHF / year

For international users → upgrade to the Professional plan for only 60.- EUR / year + VAT

The Professional Plan offers the functions of Banana Accounting 9 Professional *, plus all the improvements and new features of the new version.
Choose the Professional plan and stay in step with the world at a cost of two coffees per month.

Banana Accounting Plus also offers the Advanced plan , with exclusive extensions, the possibility of advanced customizations and direct personalized technical support by phone and email. It is the plan of choice for experts, professional accountants, and others who use the program on a regular basis. Compare the different plans of Banana Accounting Plus

Try it now and without obligation for 1 month!

  1. Download, install and launch Banana Accounting +.
  2. Enter the email with which you purchased the old version, or you registered *. Your free month starts right away.
  3. Open your accounting files and continue working normally, with the new version, for a month

Buy the annual subscription with confidence and at any time: the days of the free month not yet used are automatically added to the 12 months.
You can also buy the subscription now and we will give you a month for free.

Install it on all your devices

With the annual subscription you can install Banana Accounting Plus on all your desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Up to 5 installations with the same registered user email. For companies please visit the Multi-user page.

The Advanced plan, an extra gear!

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus includes all the features of the Free and Professional plans, but also has exclusive extensions, advanced customization possibilities and is the only plan with direct personalized technical support.

Personalized technical support

Advanced plan users, in addition to the contextual help and online documentation, available 24/7, also have a personalized technical support hotline via phone or email, which they can access through an exclusive form.

Advanced plan Extensions

The Extensions are additional programs that extend the functionalities of Banana Accounting Plus.
Some of them have been designed exclusively for the Advanced plan.
Future developments will also be more focused on this plan.

Advanced invoice settings

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus allows several additional customization possibilities compared to the Free and Professional plans:

Cash forecasting with formulas

With the Advanced plan, when setting up your budget, it is now also possible to enter formulas in Javascript code. The input of formulas has been made easier with an additional column.

You can for example enter a product price based on a sales percentage, or you can increase your sales budget based on a growth percentage, or you can calculate your amortization costs based on your investments.  More information...


liquidity projection with formulas

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis

The Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis extension is exclusive to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus: thanks to it you can obtain advanced financial reports and charts for your double-entry accounting, including the cash flow statement, standard financial ratios, Dupont analysis and Altman index. You can compare historical data over several years and confront forecast data with the current year.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis

Securities Portfolio Management

Thanks to the Securities Portfolio Management Extension, exclusive to the Advanced plan, you can now manage both your double-entry accounting and securities in the same file and immediately get the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Report of your Portfolio.

In the new Items table you can include all your securities and other financial assets. In the Transactions table you can specify the type of security you bought or sold by entering the quantity and unit price.

Instantly get the report of the situation with quantities and purchase prices, earnings and other key data

Securities portfolio management

Constructions and Renovations management

All construction works involve a great commitment and going beyond the budget is unfortunately common. With the new Construction and Renovation Management Extension, exclusive to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus, it becomes much easier to keep costs under control, to manage the different companies involved, track their payments and compare them with estimates.

It very simple to create cost projections and budgets to submit to the bank.

It is also ideal for architects who help their clients with cost management: they can create a separate file for each client and get an overview of the progress of the work.

Constructions and Renovations management



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