What's new in Banana Accounting+ compared to version 8

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New!  Banana Accounting+, our latest version, is now available!

Multiple new features compared to version 8

The new version of Banana Accounting Plus presents many new features for an even easier, more enjoyable workflow with immediate results.

In addition to many added and improved features, new extensions have been implemented for the management of the Time sheet, the inventory, Estimates and invoices, Fixed assets register. All this is offered at an excellent quality-price ratio.

Below we present in detail the most significant improvements contained in Banana Accounting Plus, as compared to the version of Banana Accounting 8.

Full compatibility with version 8

Switching to Banana Accounting Plus is very simple, just install the program and open your existing accounting files.

  • The way of use has remained the same (commands and interface).
  • The files are reading and writing compatible with previous versions of Banana Accounting (except for the new features not existing in version 8).

Optimized for new operating systems

Even more intuitive Graphic interface and way of use

Improvements to accounting applications

Improvements for Switzerland

New Applications

Banana Accounting Plus offers several new applications that allow you to be even more productive

  • Time sheet. Easily enter your working hours and you instantly have the total of hours worked, holidays, overtime, illness and absences with respective balances.
  • Estimates and Invoices. Easily prepare perfect and customizable offers, invoices and prints (even with QR code). Replace your Excel spreadsheet or Word document so you don't have to enter formulas and do calculations.
  • Inventory. Manage items easily, including inbound and outbound movements, so you quickly know the quantities and inventory values.
  • Fixed assets register. Simply keep track of all your assets and the program automatically calculates the values. You can see the history of all your assets at any time.


Instant help

Upgrade to Banana Accounting+ now

Upgrading is really easy and on top of that, as a registered Banana user, you get one month free on your subscription.

  • All your files are compatible, all you have to do is open them with the new version
  • Try your free month and then choose which subscription you wish to subscribe to
  • Future tranquility: if one day you decide to cancel your subscription, you will always have access to your data
  • Switch now to Banana Accounting Plus


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