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Insert subgroups

In the Chart of Accounts, the subgroups give the possibility to obtain totals on more than one level and obtain more detailed information in the presentation of the Balance sheet.



The user wants to create a new Liquid assets subgroup that groups the cash, bank, and post office accounts.

To create the Liquid assets subgroup you need to:

  • insert an empty row
  • in the Group column, enter the 100 code
  • in the Description column, enter Total Liquid assets
  • in the Gr column, enter 1
  • in the Gr column of the 1000, 1010 and 1020 accounts, enter 100 instead of 1.


Delete subgroups

If the Chart of accounts has some sub-groups that are no longer needed, it is possible to delete them.



The user wants to delete the Total loans subgroup.

To delete the Total loans subgroup you need to:

  • delete row 20
  • change the Gr for the 2100 and 2400 accounts from 200 to 2.