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Field list

This is a list of all possible label fields; to insert a field, it is possible to work in two ways:

  • Double-click on an element from the list
  • Click on an element from the list, confirming with the Add Field key.

The field selected will be inserted at the position of the cursor in the View labels area. One can directly insert fields by writing the field name between the < Less and > Greater symbols.

View labels

Shows the disposition of the fields. The entries "<NAME FIELD>" will be replaced with the corresponding value of the table.

The symbols Greater and Less are considered field delimiters. In order to make them appear in the text
write "\<" for "<";
write "\>" for ">"
and write "\\" for "\"

Preserve line feeds and spaces.
In case this option is deactivated, the program does not take eventual spaces and empty rows in consideration.


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