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First label starting position

Decide on the position of the first label. For example, if 1 is entered in the horizontal and vertical fields, it refers to the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Number of copies for each label

The value of 1, in this field, means only one copy of each label is wanted.

Warning if text exceeds label
If the text runs beyond the margins for the label, the program will warn the user by sending an error message if this cell is activated.

Label format

You can choose between the label formats available in the list.
If the list doesn't have the format you wish, through the Change button, you can access the Label format dialogue windows where you can choose your desired settings.


Indicate the data source for the labels to be printed:

  • Table - the current table (Accounts, Transactions, Budget, Totals, VAT code) data will be printed. If a data extraction occurred, only the extracted data will be printed.
  • Selected rows only - only the earlier selected addresses will be printed.


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