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This command changes the sorting of rows permanently.
It is therefore advisable to be very careful before sorting, especially when in the Accounts Table, as it may upset the structure of the chart of accounts.

If you only wish to sort rows temporarily use:

Sort Rows Dialog

This function is activated via the Data → Sort rows menu.

ordina righe

The rows of the table can be sorted according to the contents of the columns. Up to three sorting can be set.

Sort by

Select the type of order you need from the list that appears.

Then by

Allows you to define an additional type of sorting than the main one.


The rows are sorted in ascending order, taking into account the type of sorting chosen (date, doc ...).


The rows are sorted in descending order, taking into account the type of sorting chosen (date, doc ...)


Enable this option if the column chosen as the search condition contains only numbers.

Clear all

The button allows you to delete the settings chosen for sorting the data in the various lists.

Selected rows only

This option is active only when rows have been previously selected and allows the sorting of the selected rows


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