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To export to Xml click on the File menu → Export file → Export to Xml.

esporta file da Banana in formato Xml

File Name

Enter the name of the new file to create or choose an existing one using the Browse button.

Display file immediately

The program for viewing the newly created Xml archive is launched. This way you can see the export result instantly. Remember that browsers such as Mozilla and MS-Explorer use a document cache mechanism. When exporting a second time, if you do not press the Update button on your browser, you may still see the previous version.

Style sheet XSLT

In this area you can set the style sheet (external Xml file) on the basis of which the program must graphically arrange the accounting data. Banana Accounting does not make Xslt files available.


It is possible to choose between the following options:

  • Export visible columns only.
  • Include view list.
  • Export as data.

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