Introduction to the use of software in accounting training

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As digitalization of the economy is progressing rapidly, the profession of accountant is constantly evolving. All companies are by now using accounting software in their working environment. As in other training areas, teaching of accounting, will be carried out ever more with the aid of modern technologies.

This represents an important change and the following documentation, is a result of years of experience, gained by working closely with many schools around the world on multiple projects and aims to provide an aid to the institutions, schools and teachers who are taking this path.


Before getting to the actual topic it may prove useful to add a brief introduction:

  • Reasons for technological setbacks in accounting training
    For a long time and in many quarters, it has been pointed out that IT tools are still scarcely used in accounting training. For other subjects, such as that of Graphics or Programming, the use of the most modern technologies has long been part of the training. There are no specific studies on the causes for this setback and this often leads to wrong considerations and approaches.
  • 10 criteria for choosing a software suitable for accounting training
    The requirements in the field of school accounting training are not the same as those of companies. The evaluation of the software to be adopted must take into account specific needs.
  • The different actors involved in accounting training.
    The success of projects involving the use of software in teaching involves several people.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Accounting training with Banana Accounting
    The DR Congo wants the training of accounting technicians to be done with modern tools, so that their students are at the forefront when they enter the labour market and can encourage the adoption by companies of digital business management technologies. The Department of Education has chosen Banana Accounting for this purpose and is introducing it successfully and very quickly to all commercial schools in the nation.

Resources for teachers and schools

Use for different training levels

Ideas for use:

Typical uses of software in accounting training

A glance at the future

Technology is evolving rapidly, therefore a look to the future will help to move towards a way of working that is capable of taking into account technological and educational advances.

  • Smartphones and tablets in accounting training
    All students have a mobile phones and, over time, they will be ever more performing. Banana Accounting already works on smartphones and tablets, and all students can practice keeping accounts, even without having access to a computer or being connected to the internet.
  • Financial planning
    Banana Accounting allows you to prepare financial plans and insert budget movements in double entry accounting. Students can "play" at creating their own startup, produce financial forecasts and at the same time practice accounting, learn the double-entry accounting tools and get used to interpreting the balance sheet and the income statement of their company, so as to understand it's performance and evolution.
  • Collaborative training documentation
    Creating and keeping up-to-date material to support accounting teaching is a very demanding activity that can no longer be managed by a single teacher. Thanks to new collaborative tools, teachers can work in groups and produce very effective documentation whilst reducing their workload.


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