Uso do Banana Contabilidade Plus nas escolas

Banana Accounting is the perfect tool for a modern, simpler and faster accounting teaching.

Added value in accounting education

Make learning accounting easier and prepare your students for the digital finance and working world.
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In the future, accountants will not only deal with accounting, but will work closely with the company's management in order to prepare the financial planning and define the best strategies for the future of the company.

Improvement cycle

In a constantly changing world, the accountant will have to constantly monitor the financial situation, verify the goals reach and adopt the most successful strategies. Planning will consequently become a fundamental tool to ensure the company's future.

Integrated solution

With Banana Accounting, you can enter transactions, forecasts and see comparisons in the same file.

Skills-oriented training

Practice-oriented training is difficult to implement if all calculations are to be done by hand.

More possibilities

With Banana Accounting, the teacher and the student can concentrate on the concrete and important aspects of accounting management, avoiding the mechanical and delicate phase of the calculations. The program automatically takes over all the calculations and instantly prepares presentations and projections.

Companies digitization

In today's business reality, companies and public administrations make extensive use of IT tools.

After completing the training, the new accountants are confronted with the era of digitization and must be ready to adapt and make the best use of IT systems.

Students prepared for the modern business world

Banana Accounting allows students to easily learn how to keep accounting, by putting important concepts into practice, but above all by learning to think from a business planning and control perspective.

Students will enter business world more aware and capable to adapt to the IT tools in use. Employers will have to spend less time on new accountants to get the job done.

For many years, Banana Accounting has been used in commercial schools in Switzerland.
Students who begin to use an accounting program, can integrate more easily into the business world.

Swiss commercial schools

Prepare your student for the modern business world

With a modern accounting software it is really easy to give students the opportunity to practice.

1. The teacher prepares the exercise file

The teacher, gives a theoretical explanation, but also prepares the accounting file that students can use on their computer to follow the lesson and carry out homework. The file can be made available to students via the e-learning platform, Dropbox or more simply shared via e-mail.

2. Studens carry out the exercise

With Banana Accounting, each student can carry out the exercise independently, both in the classroom and at home. Once the work is finished, he/she returns the file to the teacher.

3. The teacher corrects the homework

The teacher opens the file sent by the student, corrects the work with the help of colors to highlight and can insert notes. Once the correction is complete, the teacher can send the file to the student again.

Banana Accounting, the software developped for teaching

Banana Accounting has been conceived to stimulate and and spread the learning of accounting through software.
The software has been perfected for teaching, thanks to the experience and suggestions of teachers and schools all around the world.

Accounting software for individual use

The best solution for accounting training: a software that allows each student to carry out his/her task independently. Banana Accounting, like Excel, is designed for individual use.

Each accounting has its own file

Accounting data are stored in a file that can be saved locally, in the cloud or sent by email. It can best be integrated with e-learning platforms.

For all kinds of teaching levels

Different levels of accounting can be created: simple ones for beginners or more complex for more advanced students.

Free version for schools and teachers

Schools can request a free license. Installation is possible on school computers and on devices of accounting teachers.

Students use their own device

Banana Accounting can be installed on student's laptops, tablets or smartphones, so they can easily carry out their homework.
Banana Accounting Free Version allows users to manage an unlimited number of files, each with a maximum of 70 transactions, more than enough for teaching purposes.

Working without an Internet connection

Accounting files are located on students devices, so they don't need an Internet connection to carry out their homework.

Many useful features for accounting training

Complete and professional

Double-entry accounting

Table-based interface allows students to understand the logic of double-entry accounting.

VAT Management

Automatic calculations and reports to avoid wasting time.


Students can easily practice even with multi-currency and cryptocurrencies.


Invoices can be created with double-entry transaction rows.

Financial planning

Students learn to prepare financial forecasts for Profit & Loss Statement and Balance sheet for one or more years.


Students can understand the benefits of digital seals for data protection.

Notes and colors

When the teacher corrects exercises he/she can insert notes and highlight the errors by coloring the rows.

Data analysis and programming

A Javascript programming system is available, suitable for business needs.