Class fund managed by the students

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Thanks to Banana Accounting it is possible to familiarize children aged 9 to 15 with the theme of accounting management.

Class cash management

With the free application of the Cash manager, students can learn how to manage the cash fund, know what the balance is and divide the income and expenses in the different categories and prepare a schedule.

In many compulsory schools, where each class has its own cash fund for small expenses, it is the pupils themselves who will use Banana Accounting to manage the cash.


  • Create awareness of money management.
  • Set up the accounting work and take on responsibilities.
  • Familiarize with the program.
  • Collect and file expense and entry documents.
  • Register the cash flows.
  • Check that the cash balances corresponds to the accounting balance.
  • Research and account for any differences.
  • Reporting the cash to the whole class.
  • Analyze the expenses and if necessary adapt the categories of income or expenditure.


The teacher prepares the set up and then, as a rule, assigns groups of students in turn to keep the cash register accounts. 

Activities assigned to the teacher:

Activities assigned to the students:





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