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Students are directed towards the use of the accounting software and adopt it to perform practical accounting exercises. Teachers have the ability to easily share accounting exercises and correct them automatically in an effortless manner.

Introduction to the use of the software

Banana Accounting Tables are similar to Excel and is generally easy to understand. Students can be easily referred to the use of the software simply by using it during the lesson or completing the accounting exercises assigned to them.
For instance, the teacher may presents the Chart of Accounts by explaining its set up. The same applies to the insertion of transactions.

Students are given the opportunity to use the program and perform the exercises assigned by the teacher, either on their own or in a group. This phase is preceded by a presentation on the use of the program.

Prepare the lesson and the accounting templates

The teacher prepares accounting files that are to be used either to explain the theoretical questions or to allow students to follow the lesson and practice. The duration of this phase will depend on the length of the study program.

The teacher:

  • Prepares the accounting files for each learning phase.
  • Provides the theoretical explanations and shows how they translate into practice simultaneously.
  • Prepares exercises for students to do independently or in groups.

Install the program on the student's computer

The teacher provides indications on how each student can install the program on their computer.

  • It is best to provide this information in advance, so that each student has time to install the program independently.
    Having all students install the program at the same time while teaching is always problematic because connections will be slowed down. 
  • Installation information must be provided for the different operating systems:
    • Banana Accounting Plus can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It is useful to note the Download page and the System Requirements page
      • The installation is completely automatic, but students must be made aware, that for the installation of the software, they must operate in computer administrator mode.
      • If students have slow connections, the school can download the installation files to its school network.
        In this case, care should be taken to update the files so that students always install the latest version.
      • Urge students to start the program so that they verify that the installation has been successful.
    • Banana Accounting also has a version for Android available in the Play Store. Search for Banana Accounting Mobile and install the app.
    • Finally, there is also an iOS version available in the App Store. Search for Banana Accounting Mobile and install the app.
  • In the following lesson, the teacher verifies that all students have installed the program.

Provide accounting exercise files to students

As a rule, for each exercise, the teacher provides the accounting file that students download to their computer. At this stage, students need an internet connection.

  • How students get exercise files depends on the school's IT structure. 
  • It is helpful to allocate time and the necessary connections for students to download these files.
  • Thanks to the new Banana Accounting Plus Community, schools and teachers can upload their chart of accounts templates directly within the Banana Accounting Plus program. This way, every student has access to the files necessary for carrying out accounting lessons or exercises.

Workflow for exercises performed by students

From the moment the students have installed Banana Accounting and uploaded the exercise files provided by the teacher, an Internet connection is no longer necessary.

Several possibilities are available to make students work on the exercises:

  • Do the exercises on their own computer while the teacher explains.
  • Perform the exercises in the classroom, in the time assigned by the teacher.
  • Do the exercises outside school hours.

Here is the student's working mode and the subsequent correction of accounting exercises by the teacher.

Work method of the student:

Each student works on his own accounting file and performs the tasks assigned to him by the teacher.

After the exercise, each student sends the file to the teacher per e-mail. The methods of transmission depend on the school's management infrastructure.
Generally, the files are uploaded to the e-learning platform or to the school network system or to the designated cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, I-cloud, One drive).

Correction of accounting exercises:

The teacher opens the student's file and checks if the exercise has been completed correctly. To facilitate this work, it is also possible to use the automatic extension for exercise correction.

During the correction, the teacher can highlight lines using colors and add notes and comments to indicate any errors.

Subsequently, the student can download the corrected file from the teacher to their own computer and view the result obtained and the corrections made by the teacher.

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