Advantages of using software in accounting training

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The use of IT tools in accounting training requires changes, but it also offers several advantages over training without the use of specific software. Situations vary according to the level of teaching provided.
However, accounting training generally consists of a theoretical part, where students learn the concepts, logic, evaluation criteria and all general aspects. Then there will be a practical part in which students practice to set up accounting, chart of accounts and the registration of transactions.
The introduction of the software serves above all in the practical part. The aim will be to ensure that the student can put theoretical teachings into practice as efficiently as possible.

  • Focus attention on conceptual aspects and less time for calculations.
    In the tutorials, the software takes charge of the entire calculation part and an immediate assessment is made available. The student can take more time to reason about the operations and the consequences.
  • Work on more complex plans of accounts, such as used in a real businesses environment. 
    When keeping the manual accounting, you will only be able to work on limited plans of accounts. When software, students can practice with account structures and with the same groupings that are compliant with tax authorities requirements. They learn to become familiar with the numbering of accounts and groups and their meaning.The software instantly prepares printouts of complete balance sheets and income statements, which would take considerable time to prepare manually.
  • Learn functions that cannot be addressed manually.
    The software offers opportunities that are not possible manually. For example, with Banana Accounting, by entering simple registrations, you will be able to create an invoice and preview it. In this way, students can practice theoretical aspects, but also see the practical result in concrete terms. 
  • Prepare students to use IT tools used in companies. 
    Currently when students enter the labour market, they still need to be trained to use the software on which the company is operating. The accounting programs all use the same logic and the double-entry accounting method. Students, using software in teaching, are quickly able to learn any accounting software in a short time.
  • Correct the exercises easily and quickly
    Students do the exercises with the program and then send the file to the teacher. Accounting entries are orderly and more easily understood, without calculation errors. The teacher can concentrate on the essential aspects, add notes and highlight errors by colouring the lines.

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