How to start a Time Sheet

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It is assumed that Banana Accounting 9 has been installed. In the free version, the Time sheet is in unrestricted mode.

Start easily and quickly by using one of our preset templates.

Banana Accounting includes two types of template:

  1. Time sheet - Simplified ledger
    The total hours worked are registered on a daily basis
  2. Time sheet - Systematic ledger
    Start and end time of the work are registered (multiple work intervals are possible) and the program will calculate the total hours worked.
In our example we use the template of the Time sheet with systematic registration.

Setting up your Time Sheet file

Proceed as follows:

  • File menu → New command
  • Select the Region/Language
  • Select the Category -> All or Other
  • In the Search area, type Time Sheet, or activate under Type -> Time Sheet. The program shows the available templates.
  • In the section on the right, select the desired template.
  • By double clicking on the name of the selected template or on the Create button, the program will directly open the file.
  • Save the file under a new name.

Choosing a Time sheet template from the File - New command

Setting up your data

Set up your own data from the File menu -> File and accounting properties (Basic data) -> Time Sheet.

Enter your first and last name, start and end date, work percentage of work and other required data if available.

Setup your Time sheet file basic properties. File menu - File and accounting properties

Set working hours as per contract

Set the weekly working time via the File → File and accounting properties → Start.

The cells of the report are intended for unpaid hours of work and for hours of unused holidays carried over from the previous year.

Enter working hours for each day and define working days, festive days and holidays. These settings are displayed in the Journal table.

Setting up your working hours acoording to your contract

Recording work time

Start and end time of the job, hours of absence due to illness, holidays and leave are registered in the Journal table.

The first line of the report there will carry over the hours of holidays not taken during the previous year; the hours of annual holidays to which you are entitled, as per contract, are to be entered on the first day of the month row.

Non-working days are designated in blue and festive ones in red.

The program will calculate the daily and monthly totals of amounts due on the basis of inserted data, as well as the difference between hours worked and those to be payed and the balance to be carried forward.

Weekly hours due and worked, as well as the balance of the holiday hours are reported automatically as in the window below.

Recording work time in the journal table

Printing your end of month report

Using the Utilities1 menu → Monthly Report... command, you can instantly generate, print and save a complete monthly report of the selected period with the main columns used.

For more detailed information and specific examples of the Time sheet application, please refer to the following pages:



This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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