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Working with the Banana Accounting Time sheet can be optimized, via different functions in the Utilities1 and Utilities2 menus .

Utilities1 Menu

Go to today

Positions the cursor on today's line.

Check-in or Check-out

Inserts the current time in the selected cell. Alternatively, you may type "." (point without quotes) in the selected start or end cell.

Fill Day (from last week)

Resumes work and absence time of the current day with the values of the day of the previous week.

Fill Week (from last week)

Resumes work and absence time of the current week with the values of the respective days of the previous week.

Add row day

Adds a row successive to the selected one and with the same date. Use this to enter additional daily values.

Add row total day

Adds a row, where daily values will be totaled.

Monthly report ...

Calculates and displays a summary report of the selected period including the main columns used.

Utilities2 Menu

Sort journal

Sort the lines by date.

Create rows for period ...

Add rows (daily, start, total, balances and carryovers) based on the selected period. All rows of the Journal will be sorted by date. 

Import Timesheet

Imports the values from an external Timesheet.

  • Indicate the Timesheet containing the values to be imported.
  • Indicate the values to be imported.
    • Import festive only. 
      Resumes the values of the Festive column only
      If it resumes a value, it also resumes the value in the Notes column.
    • Import all. 
      Resumes the values of Festive, Notes, Work, Sick, Adjust., Due and Subdivision (split).

The program checks the imported file for rows with the same date and section and resumes their values.
If the imported file contains multiple rows for the same date, the values following the first row are not imported.

Create New Year

Creates a new Timesheet file for the year to follow. The program automatically sets the initial values of the holiday balance and the hours according to the previous year.
Warning! When creating a New Year, holidays may differ from the previous year - you need to check and change them manually. Alternatively, SA each year makes available several templates with national holidays already set for some countries.


This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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