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These Timesheet features are only available in the experimental version.
Allow for future possible modifications.

Journal table

Columns have been added to the Experimental version, in order to calculate surcharge hours (holidays, nights) and to manage multiple rows per day.

New columns


The column is protected. It is used by the program to display work details automatically (e.g.. projects). See details Project Management.


You can enter the additionally paid work either in hours and or minutes. It can also be used to manage recoveries or penalties for late arrivals or other.


You can enter the percentage of additional work that is to be paid separately.
If on the same day, both hours without surcharge and hours with surcharge have taken place, the times must be entered in two separate rows:

  • Add row
  • Indicate the work (start and end) as usual on the first line.
  • The second row will indicate the extra hours and indicate the appropriate percentage.
    If you wish to display the daily total directly in the table, you will have to add a daily total row.

Surcharge calc.

The column is protected. It is used by the program to calculate the total extra time, indicated in the Surcharge or Surcharge% column.
This value is added up to the total hours column.

New User columns

You have the possibility to add columns which are then added up in the groups. The XML name of the column must be of the Time Count type and must begin with:

  • TimeWork. Added up in work total work.
  • TimeSurchargeManual. Added up in surcharge total.
  • TimeAbsence. Added up in absence total.
  • TimeSplit. Added up in TimeSplitTotal, if existent.

You may define columns to indicate the hours of a project, which are also added up in TimeWork or absences for training courses or others, that are considered as absences accounted for in the total absences.



There are two menus in the application:


The Utilities1 menu contains specific commands in the Journal table:

  • Go to today - positions the cursor on today's line.
  • Check-in or Check-out - inserts the current time in the selected cell. Alternatively, you may type "." (point without quotes) in the selected start or end cell.
  • Fill day (from last week) - resumes work and absence time of the current day with the values of the day of the previous week.
  • Fill week (from last week) - resumes work and absence time of the current week with the values of the respective days of the previous week.
  • Add row day - adds a row successive to the selected one and with the same date. Use this to enter additional daily values.
  • Add row total day - adds a row, where daily values will be totaled.
  • Monthly report ... - calculates and displays a summary report of the selected period including the main columns used.


Commands specific to importing data and creating a new year are contained in the Utilities2 menu.

  • Sort journal - sort the lines by date.
  • Create rows for period ... - add rows (daily, start, total, balances and carryovers) based on the selected period. All rows of the Journal will be sorted by date. 
  • Import Time sheet - imports the values from an external time sheet. The program checks for rows with the same date and section in the imported file, and will take over their values.
    If multiple lines are present in the imported file for the same date, the values following the first line are not imported.
    The dialog window allows you to choose one of the following options: 
    • Import festive only resumes the values of the Festive column only).
    • Import all values (resumes the values of Festive, Notes, Start1/2, Sick, Adjust., Due and subdivision columns).
  • Create new year - create a new Time sheet file for the year to follow. The program automatically sets the initial values of the holiday balance and the hours according to the previous year. 


This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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