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The Time Sheet is ideal for employees under contract for a number of agreed weekly hours.

The application allows you to indicate the days and hours of work as per contract and the hours of work performed. This allows for an immediate view of the situation, with the difference between the agreed and the effective.
The monthly report to be delivered to your employer is exhaustive and complies with legal requirements.           

It is recommended to visit the How to start page to get an overall view of this operation.

Methods for managing your hours

The Time sheet allows for different methods for data collection, thanks to the various preset columns in the Journal table.
Depending on your needs, you can make the columns you need visible and hide those that will not be used.

  • Systematic collection.
    Enter the work start and stop times and the program will calculate the hours worked.  Via Data ->Columns setup ..., display the Start1-Stop1, Start2-Stop2, ... , Start5-Stop5 columns where you can enter the times of beginning and end.
  • Simplified collection.
    Indicate the hours worked in a day, 
    Via Data ->Columns setup ..., display Work1 and Work2 columns to enter the hours worked of the day.
  • Mixed collection.
    You can enter both the time of beginning and end, or the time worked.
    Display the Start and Stop columns and the Work columns. 

Setting up the weekly working time

The Time Sheet can be adapted to any kind of time schedule, fixed, flexible, part-time or any combination.

In File and accounting properties ...  - Start  indicate the weekly working time. 

File properties timesheet for employees under contract

Change of working and festive days

If you change the days you work during the year, you must enter the appropriate code in the Festive column to indicate the days you work.

  • W1. The day of the week will always be considered non working.
  • W2. The day of the week will always be considered as working.

For the other possibilities available, see the explanation of the Festive column.

Change of planned work hours for the day

Indicate the new work schedule in the column Due code and Due columns.

  • Due code
    With the WS code, you indicate that from this day onwards a value of different hours is set.
  • Due
    Enter the number of working hours scheduled for this day.

For other possibilities and displays please revert to the explanation of the Due code column

Absences and sick leave

Enter the hours of absences for Illness, Vacations, Service or Other.

Add km and expenses

To register kms traveled or of expenses incurred which must be reimbursed, a special column is added to the Journal table, via the following command Menu →Data → Columns setup ... 

If the added column is of the Amount Type, the program will automatically sum up in the total rows.

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This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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