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How to use it / introduction

This is an application that allows you to keep a list of books, objects and contacts, and check on objects borrowed and returned.

Creating a Library and collections file

Menu File → New... and select the  Banana Library template (also make sure you have selected English as search language).
You can also find the template directly at the following link


If you open a Library and collections file you will find several tables:

  • Groups table - where you can assign to each user a group, for example to partition children between Kindergarten and Primary school users, etc.
  • Contacts table - where you can enter users data: name, telephone, email, ...
  • Items table - where you can enter your items data: valuables, books or other.
  • Loans table - where you can enter the checked out items, the expiration date and the return date.
  • Diary table - where you can enter daily notes and connect them to a specific contact, for example the librarians' shifts.

Other useful commands


Everything that you see on screen can be printed or saved in a pdf format.

Use the Library books report extension to obtain:

  • printout of the complete book catalog in pdf, to be published on the internet
  • printout of the users details with the books they have loaned and the ones still to be returned (to be sent as an attachment when sending reminders).



This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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