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Set up your data from the File menu -> File and accounting properties ... -> Start tab.

In the Start section, you can set the initial data for working hours and holidays.

Hours are considered to be hours and minutes.
By entering the amount preceded by the "<" o ">" sign, the program considers it a decimal value and converts it into hours and minutes.
"<8.2" is converted to "8:12".

Carry forward

Initial values of the period or previous year are carried forward:

  • Worked hours
    Enter the balance of hours of the previous period or year (for example, extra hours worked but not yet paid or not yet used as vacation time).
    These hours are taken into account in the Journal table, Carry forward row.
  • Holidays hours
    Input hours of unused holidays of the previous year. 
    These hours are taken into account in the Journal table, Carry forward row, Holiday column.

Due hours and weekly festive days.

Input your weekly values.

  • Due hours
    Enter the working hours for the days of the week.
    In the example we are presenting, this is a flexible working time, referring to part-time work.
    • The program calculatesthe total number of hours per week.
    • The predetermined working hours are automatically recorded in the Journal table, Due column.
    • If you want to reach a precise number of hours per week, adjust the time for the different days until you reach the desired total.
  • Festive
    Define for yourself the day considered to be a working day, not a working day or a festive day.
    If a day is generally considered to be a "festive day", but on which you are required to work, you must enter "working day".
    The value is reported in the Journal table, Festive column. 




This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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