File properties - Start

Select File and accounting properties ... from the File menu and set up the following in the Start tab.

Carry forward

Initial values of the period or previous year are displayed

  • Worked hours
    Input the hours not accounted for the current period or the previous year (ie extra hours worked but not yet paid or not yet scheduled). Those hours are taken into account in the Carry forward line.
  • Holidays hours
    Input hours of unused holidays of the previous year. They will display in the Holiday column of the Journal.

Weekly setup

Input your weekly values.

  • Due hours
    Working hours for the days of the week are defined here. A flexible timetable for a part-time work is presented in our example.
  • The program automatically reports the total of weekly hours
  • Festive
    Determines Working or Non-working day.
    • Working day. Reported in the Journal tab.
    • (1) Not a working day. Reported in the Journal tab, in the Festive column. 
    • (0) Festive. Reported in the Journal tab, in the Festive column. 



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