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New layouts

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version, two new highly customizable layouts have been added:

We advise you to switch now to Banana Accounting Plus and take advantage of the many new features.

Invoicing integrated in the accounting management

With the invoicing function of Banana Accounting, you will be able to create and print out your invoices very easily, thanks to a series of predefined Invoice layouts that can be customized for each country.

In order to set up your invoices, you must create an accounting file. If an accounting file already exists, you may choose to generate your invoices within it, or you may want to create a new file dedicated entirely to invoice management. 

In order to generate your invoices, specific file setups must be present in the accounting file:

preview print invoice  

stampa fattura passo 1



It is possible to insert a personalized logo.
Menu file → Set up a logo

stampa fatture passo 2



The heading of the invoice will be identical to the one entered 
Menu File → File and accounting properties → Address tab

stampa fattue passo 3


Client Address

The client's address will be identical to the one figuring in the Accounts table, where you will have set up the customer accounts with their addresses, learn more on setting up client accounts.

stampa fatture passo 4


Invoice data

The contents of the invoice must be entered in the Transactions table, learn how to enter invoices.

stampa fatture passo 5


Custom text at end

There is blank space available for you to insert your own comments at the end of your invoice. Use Menu Account2 → Clients → Print Invoices → section Option layout.

stampa fatture passo 6


ISR (Switzerland)

Settings to create your ISR policy automatically can only be defined for Switzerland and for layouts that start with CH, please check: Menu Account2→ Clients → Print invoices → Settings.

Follow these steps to create your invoices:

  1. Prepare your accounting files for invoicing with Banana Accounting
  2. Add customer accounts with addresses
  3. Enter data for your invoices
  4. Print invoices

Other functions:

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This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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