Obligation to register working hours

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In order to protect their employees, companies are obliged by law to establish a daily work time monitoring system, complete with absences and holidays.

  • This principle was reiterated in Europe by a ruling of the European Court of Justice. The related regulation is up to the member states.
  • In Switzerland there are ordinances in this regard, that provide for the obligation of systematic recording of working time, with some exceptions provided for a simplified recording (only number of hours worked).(The Swiss ordinance is only available in GE/FR/IT).

Banana Accounting Timesheet provides an excellent compromise

Centralized timekeeping systems are not suitable or applicable to all situations. They are valid for companies, where staff do their job on the premises and where there is staff who adjust automatic data. The system is not suitable, when workers carry out their tasks from home or outside or in small businesses.

There is also another very important aspect. In many companies a relationship of trust exists between employee and employer for which there is no systematic collection of working time. Today, this approach is no longer acceptable as it puts companies in a situation of great legal uncertainty as well as making it difficult for workers to claim and justify hours actually worked.

Banana Accounting Timesheet offers an excellent compromise

  • It is up to the employee to make notes of working times, absences and holidays, so that it will be easy to check them.
  • The employee has an immediate, comprehensive and precise view of hours worked, overtime, holidays and other absences.
    All the elements are thus at disposal and allow to manage the recovery of hours worked, preventing therefore an excessive build up of hours.
  • The reporting will enable the employer to monitor the situation of each employee on a constant basis.
  • Clear data for the preparation of the pay slip, recovery of hours, holidays and overtime payments are made available.

Advantages for the employee and the employer

  • The solution easy to use and implement.
  • Fully adaptable to the needs of the employee and the company.
  • Great time savings are achieved and calculation errors are averted.
  • Possibility for the company to encode other useful information (projects, expenses, notes).
  • The software is available for free on any operating system, including mobile devices.

We are committed to keep the offer free of charge

The free Timesheet and the Cash manager are tools that are made available to get the ample range of possibilities on Banana Accounting known to a very wide audience.
With this free offer, we equally adhere to the purpose of the company to assist enterprising people.
Banana.ch therefore commits to keeping the offer free of charge over time, so that all employees and companies are in possession of an effective tool to keep notes of their hours without incurring additional costs.

Make the free Timesheet known

If you are a satisfied company or employee or you are an employers' or trade union association or an institution, you can help others by letting them know about the existence of the Banana Accounting Timesheet.

Insert a link to the presentation page of the Timesheet for employees (https://www.banana.ch/it/timesheet-lavoratori-dipendenti) on your website, post it on Facebook or other social media.

When doing so, it will be useful to indicate the main advantages and the fact that you have tried and used it.

Version for employers

We are thinking about developing an application for employers that will allow for the collection and consolidation of the data contained in the files managed by employees for statistical or other purposes.

Should there be a wider interest in such a tool, please report it to us via the contact form, by also indicating which functionalities would be of interest to you.






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