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In the Addresses view of the Accounts table, there are columns to manage the addresses of customers, suppliers or members.
Address data are essential in order to manage billing, reminders and to control receipts and payments.

If columns for managing address data are missing in the Accounts table, you can add them:

If IBAN column is missing, your accounting file has an old configuration and you need to convert it with the command Tools > Convert to new file...

add features

In the Accounts table the command will add:

  • The Address view which displays columns for entering address data.

To change the display or arrangement of the columns use the Setup columns command.

 The columns of the Address view

address view columns


Insert courtesy code (Mr., Mrs., Doctor or other).

First name

The name of the customer, supplier or member.

Family name

The name of the customer, supplier or member.


Enter the name of the company, of the association.


The street where the customer, supplier or member resides.

Address extra

Column to enter other address data, such as the post office box, or to enter a very large address.

Postal Code /ZIP

The postal/ZIP code.


The name of the city of the customer, supplier or member.


The nation inherent in the city.

Country Code

The country code.


You can define the language for each customer, supplier or member account. This allows you to view and print the documents (eg invoice) in their language.

  • de - for German
  • fr - for French
  • it - for Italian
  • en - for English
  • es - for Spanish
  • nl - for Dutch
  • zh - for Chinese
  • pt - for Portuguese
  • ru - for Russian
Main phone

Landline phone number


Mobile phone number


Fax number

Email work

email address.


website address of the customer, supplier, association.


The date of birth of the customer, supplier, association.


Enter a number of days within which the collection and payment must take place


If a credit is made, the credit limit is indicated, or the debit limit if it is a supplier.

Bank name

The name of the customer's, supplier's or member's bank.


IBAN number of the customer's, supplier's or member's bank.

Bank clearing

The identification code of the customer bank, supplier or member.

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