Adding and removing the Budget table

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Adding the Budget table

Financial planning is done by adding the Budget table.

If your accounting file doesn't have the Budget table yet, proceed as follows:

Thereafter, the program will:

  • Add the Budget table, carrying forward the budget values indicated in the Accounts table.
  • Lock the Budget column in the Accounts table.
    The values of this column will be calculated according to the budget transactions, using the period defined in the File and Accounting properties, basic data of the accounting.

Remove the Budget table

From the Tools Menu → Add new functionalities,  you can also remove the Budget table.

Warning: This operation can not be undone. Once the command is executed all budgeted movements will be erased.
If you have the possibility to return to previous version, make sure to save a copy before executing.

Once the Budget table is removed, the Budget column will again be available for modifications in the Accounts table.

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