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If you purchased Banana Accounting Plus from our international shop, managed by our partner Share-it, you have a Share-it user account.

User account for purchases from Share-it My Commerce

International purchases are made through our partner Share-it. All sales are then imported into our Swiss database, which activates your Product Key and allows you to use the program.

  • From your Share-it user account you can edit the data that will affect the renewal and future billing of your subscription: you can change the email, password and addresses associated to your account.
    Login to your Share-it - Mycommerce account
  • If you need to make changes to your current subscription (for example the email associated with it), you must make the change on our database. Please contact our customer service.

Share-it Order overview

From the Order overview menu you can see all your past orders.

Order overview

If you click on the order number you can access all the details. From the order detail page you can also cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, by clicking on the Cancel subscription button. The subscription remains active until the indicated expiration date.

Share-it - User account

From the top menu select your user name.

User account

From your user account you can view and edit all your personal data:

  • email and password
  • payment data
  • shipping and delivery address

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