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In the About dialog window (menu Help About Banana Accounting+), you will find various information about the program.


The version number you are using (eg 10.0.4) of Banana Accounting + is clearly visible. Banana Accounting Plus, numerically it is version 10, which will be continuously improved, so there will be additional version numbers, eg10.0.1, 10.0.2, etc. for each subsequent release.
Important: for any technical question, before contacting the support service, make sure you have the latest release (by downloading it from our download page)

Along with the version number you will also find the serial number, web address and Copyright information.

Patents and legal notices

In this tab you will find again the Copyright information, the Banana Accounting patents and the trademark declarations. You will also find the indication of all the programming platforms that the software uses with the relative licenses and copyrights.


In this section, acknowledgments and credits are given to all those who have participated and still actively participate in the development, maintenance and promotion of our program.


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