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The Address Book and Addresses application are included in Banana Accounting Plus. It is ideal for quickly and easily setting up the addresses of your customers, suppliers, partners, family members and instantly access the contacts you need or to print the address lists for labels.

Multiple functions to speed up and make management easy:

  • Predefined columns for each type of content.
  • Addition of additional user defined columns by the .
  • Customizable column positioning.
  • Customizable label format setting.
  • Ability to print only the selected rows.
  • Free setting of the label format.
  • Copy / paste addresses from other programs (Excel and Word).
  • Ability to color the row to instantly identify the most important contacts.

Based on spreadsheets like Excel

Address management is based on pre-defined columns that can be customized as positioning and as header. The columns are grouped into three main tables:

  • Groups Table
    In this table the address groups are set. Each group is identified by an Id which is used to categorize the addresses. Groups can be created for suppliers, customers, partners, family members, friends. This makes searching easier and allows you to set labels even with group selection.
  • Contacts Table
    The contacts are entered in this table, with all the relevant information.As in any other table, additional columns for notes or other can be added.Contacts can be updated and synchronized with Google contacts.
  • Diary Table
    This table is intended to enter day by day all the annotations relating to the people contacted.

Accounting setup

Address Book headers and basic data set up in a single, easy-to-view dialog.

  • Company headings and address with free texts.
  • Language settings.
  • Link to extensions for customizations.
  • Password to secure your Depreciation Register file.
  • You can have multiple files in different languages.

File and data saving

Error reporting and control

Reports and printouts

Data export and archiving

Other features

Added functionalities


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