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News • 14/03/2022 •
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We are pleased to announce the new release 10.0.12 of Banana Accounting Plus with several improvements aimed mainly at simplifying and optimizing the subscription system. We remind you that this new release is free for those who have the subscription and to update you only have to re-download Banana and install it, all your data will be kept.


If you don't have Banana Plus yet, update now for only CHF 69/year!

Here are the main improvements introduced in the new release 10.0.12:

More intuitive "Manage Subscription" dialog

In the Help menu → Manage subscription it is now much easier to manage your subscription. The information is clearer, making it easier for you to renew your subscription, understand if everything is correctly linked to your email and when your subscription expires.

This also allows us at Banana to improve our subscription management, especially in cases of customer support requests.

Preview Manage Subscription window

Improved user account (Switzerland users)

Remember that starting from June 2021, all online purchases from Switzerland automatically create a Banana user account. This is very useful for:

  • access to your subscriptions information to renew them, upgrade to the Advanced plan or disable auto-renewal.
  • access to your invoices information to view past orders, amounts paid, status of each invoice, download/print invoices, and pay those still open.
  • modify the payment method.
  • change password, email address, language and address.

Improvements have been made in the visualizations of this data, such as paid or open invoices, and in the possible operations to perform.

See your order history and invoices

More features in Estimates and Invoices application

The Estimates and Invoices application of Banana Accounting Plus has recently been improved, allowing you to insert much more data in your invoices. We have talked about this in the News Customize invoices with much more data.

Now two other new features have been added:

  • Links column in the Estimates and Invoices files.
  • Tax number and VAT number columns in the Contacts table.

Dialogo fattura

Predefined columns in invoice printouts

In the CH10 Layout and UNI Layout for invoice printing, there is now the option to select predefined columns to display in the invoice details directly from a list. The list includes some predefined column compositions to choose from. Some of them require the Advanced Plan of Banana Accounting Plus.

Invoice "Settings" dialog: For the predefined columns, click on the "Select" field under "Predefined columns".

More comprehensive invoice documentation

For those who need to create invoices in Banana Accounting Plus, we have improved the documentation to make it even more detailed and in line with the new Invoice features included in this release 10.0.12. In particular, we have added a page that contains various examples of settings in the invoice printout to understand how to customize it (set the company address, the final texts, the customer language, ...):

In addition, the following pages have been improved:

Easier upgrade to Advanced plan

The Advanced plan of Banana Plus offers many more advantages and exclusive features. Many users ask to be able to benefit from these advantages, so we thought of making this upgrade to the Advanced plan easier.

  • In your user account (users from Switzerland) you can upgrade at any time, and in just a few clicks, to the Advanced plan if you have the Professional plan. The pro-rata price for the remaining period will be calculated automatically.
  • For purchases made outside of Switzerland you need to contact our customer service.

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Other modifications

See all other minor changes and bug fixes on the Change History page.