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News • 03/02/2022 •
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The Estimates and Invoices application of Banana Accounting Plus has been improved: now you can insert a discount and a date for each item, a deposit already paid by the user and much more! In this way you will make your invoices even more tailored to your needs.


This interesting update of the Estimates and Invoices application is Free of charge for those who already have a subscription to Banana Accounting Plus. If you don't have Banana Accounting Plus yet, upgrade now for only CHF 69/year (60 € +vat/year)!

News and improvements Estimates and Invoices

There are several improvements that affect data entry and the interface.

New features exclusive in the Advanced plan

Some of these new features are only available in the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus, and concern the possibility of inserting:

  • a discount for each item (both as a percentage and as an amount);
  • a date for each item;
  • customized fields in the invoices.

Other important new features

So many improvements and additions are already present in any Banana Accounting Plus subscription, including:

  • item descriptions, initial text and final text on multiple lines or in bold;
  • deposit already paid by the user;
  • Courtesy, Extra Address and P.O. Box fields in the customer's address;
  • unit price and quantity with four or more decimals;
  • search for an address or an item;
  • new Views;
  • new Settings tab.

Find out all the improvements on the What's new release February 2022 Estimates and Invoices page.

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How to get the update

To update the Estimates and Invoices application you don't have to do anything, because it updates automatically.
The moment you open the invoice editor, you'll see a notification bar at the top indicating that an updated version has been installed.

Video: Estimates and Invoices application

Discover through our video how to quickly create customizable estimates and invoices independent from accounting, in the languages and currencies you want. You'll be able to print them or export them as PDF to email them to your customers.

The Advanced plan, an extra gear!

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus includes all the features of the Professional plan, allows you to work in a more efficient and fast way, has exclusive extensions, advanced customization possibilities and is the only plan with direct personalized technical support. Ideal for accountants, fiduciaries, IT experts and for those who do their accounting on a regular basis.

If you already have the Professional plan see how to upgrade  now to the Advanced plan!
New user? Buy the Advanced plan directly.