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Banana 10.0.4 - 201111

Released on November 11, 2020

  • General
    • The start page opens quickly even if there are inaccessible network files.
    • Improved subscription information display and dialog.
    • Fixed occasional interruption in cell editing.
    • Improved translations.
  • Accounting
    • The balances of the Accounts table are updated taking into account the new segment column.
    • Icon for opening account tab on the new segment column.
    • In the Budget Table, warning if a date has the wrong millennium.
  • Cash Manager and Icome and Expenses Accounting
    • The Horizontal Page Printing setting displays correctly when there are many columns.
  • Invoices and estimates
    • Copy Paste function from rows also takes values from the invoice.
    • Improved dialog window.
  •  Several minor changes and improvements.

Banana 10.0.3 - 201015

Released on October 15, 2020

  • General
    • Close File command, closes window without repeating the command.
  • Accounting
    • When it creates a new file from a template, it replaces the dates with the current year's dates.
    • When it creates a new Multi-Currency Accounting file, if you change the base currency, it also sets the currency in the Accounts table.
  • Invoices and estimates
    • Expiry date column for estimates has been added
  • Several minor changes and improvements.

Banana 10.0.2 - 201013

Released on October 13, 2020

  • General
    • Fixes automatic saving.
    • Matching of extensions to files, so that when you open the template it also automatically installs the indicated extensions.
  • Accounting
    • The Create New Year feature allows you to report segment balances as well.
  • Timesheet
    • Adds columns for automatic calculation Supplement.
    • Ability to use additional columns to calculate work time and absence.
  • Labels
    • Corrects the printing of labels on a horizontal page.
  • Several minor changes and improvements.

Banana 10.0.1 - 200918

Released on September 18, 2020

  • First version 10 release.

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