New Release 10.1.15 of Banana Plus (Update)

News • 20/12/2023 •
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We are pleased to announce the new release 10.1.15 of Banana Accounting Plus with several new features aiming to speed up your accounting. We remind you that this new release is free for those who have the subscription and to update you only have to re-download Banana and install it, all your data will be kept.


Before updating, we advise you to check the System requirements.

Here are the main features introduced in the new release 10.1.15:


The Advanced plan becomes even more interesting

Several significant features introduced in this Release Candidate are exclusively included in the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus. It is the preferred plan for those who regularly manage accounting because, for only CHF 149.-/year (EUR 129 + VAT), you get numerous functions to maximize efficiency and reduce the likelihood of errors. Don't miss the opportunity to save valuable time!

Additionally, if you manage VAT, with the Advanced plan, you can automatically obtain the VAT Return 2024

Export to PDF including Attachments (Advanced plan)

Did you know that a regular PDF file can contain attachments? They are listed in an organized manner within the PDF itself.
Now, with the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus, when you want to save as PDF, you can include attachments in the PDF. These are the digital documents that have been added in your accounting file, in the Link columns of the Transactions table (also available in other tables). 

By creating the PDF dossier, you can have all the accounting documentation in a single PDF file, including scanned expense receipts, invoices, etc. This can be quickly emailed to your clients or your auditor, who will have everything organized for a much faster review. The PDF of an account statement is also very convenient, as it contains all the entries along with their respective documents.

A practical example: an employee who needs to collect expenses incurred for travel, meals, etc., to request reimbursement. For this case, we have also created a specific template Essential Expense Manager 

Dossier PDF with embedded receipts from the essential expense manager template.

Create dossier PDF in Banana

Export invoices in separate PDF files (Advanced plan) 

If you want to save many invoices as PDFs, you now no longer have to repeat the saving process for each individual invoice: with the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus you have the option of saving multiple invoices in individual PDF files, thus saving a lot of time! When saving, there is also a very convenient method for quickly renaming all individual files.


MacOS 14 Sonoma

This new version of Banana Accounting Plus is considered as "Experimental Compatible" with MacOS 14 Sonoma, as we are still working on improving specific Sonoma-related features. In addition, Apple is continuously releasing new updates and it is possible that unexpected incompatibilities may arise.
Based on past experience, we imagine that around February 2024 we will be able to release a Mac version without the Experimental mention.

"New File" dialog

In the dialogue File > New there is now a filter for Community templates. These are the templates made available by third parties.

In addition, for templates that have a tutorial file, there is a Create from tutorial button that allows you to open the example file with transactions rows.

Dialog Create new file

Several improvements and troubleshooting

The new version contains several improvements and troubleshooting solutions including:

  • Improvements to table filtering and troubleshooting.
  • Minor improvements to invoice printing.
  • Improvements to the Import Rules feature.
  • New automatic view for the Recurring Transactions table.
  • Improvements to the auto-completion of attachment insertion.

For more details see the Change History page.

We take this opportunity to remind you that it is important to always have backups for your files, a precaution necessary with any program and computer.


Page Updates:

  • 20.12.2023: Updated for definitive release.