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Try Banana Accounting Plus Web

Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

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Start Banana Accounting Plus Web

Technical Preview
Requirements, technical information and limitations

The program is downloaded and executed in the browser, the entered data is not sent to a server.
This web version offers most of the accounting features, but does not have all the features of the desktop version.

The mode of use is typical of the desktop application and the use is currently focused on:

  • Giving to everyone the opportunity to try Banana Accounting Plus without having to perform any installation.
  • Opening and viewing the contents of the accounting templates.
  • Letting the user customize the template, start to enter transactions and then switch to the desktop version.
  • Allowing students to practice double-entry bookkeeping and seeing how a modern accounting software works.
  • Experiencing the potential of the WebAssembly technology.

Create an accounting

  • Clicking the button starts Banana Accounting Plus Web.
  • The chosen template is opened or a new accounting can be created using the New file command.
  • You can modify the file as you wish, adapting the chart of accounts and entering transactions.
  • When you click Save, the file is saved in your download folder. Each time you save a new copy is created.
  • The saved file can be resumed and opened from the desktop version.

Universal templates

Directly try Banana Accounting Plus Web with a universal template already set up; choose the closest to your needs:

All our templates have a unique ID number. If you know the ID of a template (e.g. +10649), you can direcly open it via the link

See all available accounting templates.


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