Banana Accounting+ Roadmap

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With Banana Accounting+, thanks to the subscription model, we will have the possibility to make progressive improvements, so that you will have always a cutting-edge software solution.
You can also be involved in the planning, development and fine-tuning of the software.

Banana+ Insider

We have created the Banana+ Insider, with the aim of creating a community of Banana Accounting fans, who can be the first to see what is happening. Similar to Windows Insider also Banana+ Insider will give you the opportunity to preview developments, give feedback directly to our engineers and help even more shape the future of Banana Accounting+.

  • Dev Channel
    Ideal for users with high technical skills. Be the first to access versions in the early stages of development.


We are currently working on these projects and we will progressively release the functionalities as a Insider and release. Some features will be made available in the Free Plan, other in the Professional plan and other in the Advanced plan.
The planning will be updated in 2021. So stay tune for more to come.

  • Mobile version
    We are further improving the mobile version with the aim to bring more in line with the desktop version. There will be all the new features of Banana+ including interface and usability improvements.
  • Browser version
    Our engineers are working on the most advanced technology to give you a version of Banana+ that run directly in your browser. It will be revolutionary, you will be able to create new files and use a do accounting without the need to do any installation. You will have the advantage of a like cloud solutions, but your data will remains private to you.
  • File bar
    We want to make it easier to switch from one file to another, so that it will be much convenient to work on more files simultaneously.
  • Reverse charge with one transaction
    It will be possible to book a reverse charge operation with multiple VAT codes, so that you don't need multiple transactions rows.
  • Improve speed
    Our main focus is making the software faster and user friendly, by adding new features and improving the existing one.
  • Payment files
    It will finally be possible to create payment files.
  • Estimates and Invoice Application
    We plan to improve and implements new features that many users have requested.
  • Installer for schools
    Make it easier to install Banana Accounting+ on class rooms.


Our development teams is updating and creating new extensions that

  • Financial Analysis.
    We are working on an Extension that calculate financial indexes. Users will have better control of the financial status. It will be customizable so that each it can adapt to existing accounting plan.

  • Italy Enti del terzo settore.
    The new templates and reporting for ETS is completed and ready to use.

    The templates and reporting for OHADA countries are ready to use.


We welcome any suggestions that help use make Banana+ even more easy to start with and that help you be more productive. 


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